Amber Composites

Silicone, polyurethane rubber, polyurethane resins pigments, release agents.

Dave, orders/sales rep/courier - 07713270320
                                                                                       Nottingham office/ help and advice - 01773 530899

A&E Plastics

Acrylic sheet fabricators, signs, cases etc.

Nottingham office- 0115 9780048


Canonbury Art Shop

Jesmonite, bio-resin, misc’ art supplies etc.

London office - 0207 2264652

Graham Robert Plastics ltd

Polyester resins (good selection of Gel coats, G.P resins, clear casting resins) fibre glass matting, metal fillers, release agents.

Nottingham office- 0115 9243244

Janet, technical adviser- 07931400933

John. A. Stephens

Sand, plaster, cement, plaster, polystyrene sheets.

Nottingham office- 0115 9412861

MB Fibreglass

Jesmonite, polyester, fibreglass, silicone and epoxies, metal powder, polyurethanes, carbon-fibre and tools.

Marlin Plastics

Acrylic box’s, acrylic tubing, plastics, etc

Nottingham office- 0115 9867814

Poth Hille

The most comprehensive range of wax for all uses and specialist technical support.

London office- 0208 5347091

Special Plasters

Extensive range of plaster, and specialist plaster technical support

Birmingham office- 0121 5151555


Sculpting tools, polyester resins, polyurethane resins, foams and rubbers, silicone, alginate, plaster, and pigments, release agents. 

Berkshire office/advice- 0845 1232100
London office/advice- 0207 3800808

Where can I get all these Materials from?

Suppliers of the materials examined in this paper are available from local manufacturers or distributors although some specialist products may require shipment or delivery. Technical specialists are also available to give advice at most of these supplier contacts.


Personal protection equipment, i.e. respirators, protective gloves, goggles, footwear etc.

Nottingham office- 0115 9286411

Bentley Chemicals 

Polyurethane rubber, silicone, special effects/visual effects supplies

Worcestershire office- 01562 515121

Polyester resins, fibre glass matting, metal fillers, tools, processing equipment, silicone, polyurethane foams, resins and rubbers, release agents.

Leicester office- 01379 642660


Vacuum forming plastics and ‘chemiwood’ (model board) off-cuts

Nottingham office- 0115 9671888

Llewellyn Ryland 

Extensive range of polyester pigments

Birmingham office- 01214 402284

Plastics Plus

Acrylic, styrene, HIPs, polycarbonate, PETG and other
plastic sheets

Nottingham office- 0115 9755968

Sheffield Insulations

Foam slabs, Styrofoam, polystyrene, etc.

Sheffield- 0870 950 9992

Tennant PVC

PVC plastic and supplies

Nottingham office- 0115 9881300   

W.P Notcutt Limited

Polyester resins, polyurethane resins, foams and rubbers, silicone, alginate, plaster and pigments, release agents.

Surrey office- 01483 223311

Material supplies